I would suggest she call SS

on the quarters thing to make certain, or try and find it online. All I know is I was a few credits short to be able to draw on my own, despite all the years I paid in the taxes on my home based businesses.

They told dh his would be based on how much he had paid in for x amount of quarters and y amount of quarters that were his lowest quarters would not be included. It is really strange how they calculate it.

She seems pretty adamant about retiring with years of service, and not staying until her 60s

She can go and get another job I’m sure, but she doesn’t seem inclined to start another career or even another job-rather travel etc. Her pension will be pretty decent.
She still would have to wait for SS until 62 which is 8 years, she would probably reason if she waits 8, she might as well wait 16 although none of this has been discussed with her so I don’t know. But if she’s not accumulating quarters between 54 and 62…. you’re saying that the amount could go lower in those 8 years because of not paying into the system?

I understand doing the math between waiting from 62 to 67 to 70… when one reaches 62. What to do before you get there.

The age payout yes

but they need to know that payout is based on the last so many quarters, with them kicking out so many lowest quarters. So if they are waiting x amount of years and living off a lower income they may be tying themselves to a lower ss check in the future.

Our broker pointed out based on current values and such that if you started drawing at 62 vs 67 or 70 it would take 15 years at the higher age to make up the small difference between it and the age 62 check in the long run. Can you guarantee any of us will live 20 more years to make up that difference.

Based on that and the lower income scenario we chose to go with tye younger age.