I don’t believe they do and here is why

If you are currently old enough to draw ss, but not yet 67 you are limited to just under $16,000 that you can work and earn before you have to return $1 for every $2 you earn over that limit. However, you can draw retirement funds and it not count. Since most early government/military retirees do go back to work in the civilian population. Not to mention ss hates to let go of money if they don’t have to. I am by no means an expert on this, this is merely my opinion.

Was this person earning social security credits with their pension?

I guess from your email they did. I work for the state of Massachusetts and I don’t. Also because of my pension my S.S. benefits MUCH less. I do have enough quarters, but it was changed with Reagan with the whole double dip pension change. I believe you can wait until your are 70 to begin collecting S.S. also if this person continued to work they would add to their S.S. benefits.